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ROSE Platform
RINI will coordinate the ROSE Platform activities. PHE will handle the funding to SMEs/Suppliers. This task will comprise the creation and management of the REACHING OUT SME, suppliEr and operator Platform (ROSE). It will build on previous projects tools (starting by the projects that already signed a Letter of Support) and continuously include new suppliers. ROSE will provide a dynamic marketplace and networking features where European suppliers - including SMEs, industries, operators and research organisations - can register and publicise their innovations, prototypes, products and services that are relevant to support disaster and crisis management operations. ROSE will be accessible to registered end-users and Reaching Out partners thus effectively linking suppliers, developers and potential customers. ROSE complements and extends the Reaching Out consortium portfolio with a wide offer that diversifies and enriches the REACHING OUT demonstration activities. Throughout the project, relevant ROSE tools will be selected for demonstrations by the Demonstration leaders with the end-user's platform support according to their relevance to fill gaps and needs of the project demonstrations. Budget has been reserved to support selected tool suppliers. ROSE will be connected to other existing platforms such as the EDEN SME and supplier platforms. It will be supported by the Portal facilities developed in Task 2.3.

End User Platform (including international initiatives, NGOs and business sector)
The EUP will be organized by thematic networks supported by partners: EU and international users, CoU, national/ regional authorities, NGOs; fire brigades; hospitals /medical/paramedical; polices, armed forces, media, private sector; population and social media. It will link with the users of the Regional Platforms, coordinated by WP6-7-8 leaders. The partners will enlarge the networks they are responsible of and each consortium partner will be tasked to involve end-users in developing their tools. The distributed capability of the portal will be used with secure links to connect users in their own facilities for remote tool validation connection to legacy systems and to test the performances, interfaces and standards during the workshops and the pre-demo service. End Users will be invited to 2 plenary meetings and to the Final Forum. Selected End Users will be invited to 3 workshops linked with the project main milestones, 4 addressing specific WP3 and WP9 themes and to up to 2 demonstrations. Meetings will be when possible synchronized with the EC CoU meetings. The Demonstration leaders will invite the most relevant EU external regional users to workshops, plenary meetings and demonstration activities to ensure consistency and get also their feedback and experience. IAI will coordinate the EU and H2020 countries end-user participation including travel re-imbursement.