(TO COME) 1st Workshop Session - Climate Extremes and Disasters in Asia demonstrations

by Tomasz Grzegory / 3 Mar 2017
(TO COME) 1st Workshop Session - Climate Extremes and Disasters in Asia demonstrations

WP8 Climate Extremes and Disasters in Asia demonstrations - 1st Workshop Session

Workpackage 8 of Reaching out Project aims at organizing 3 large scale simulations in Asia around extreme hazards related to water and climate change: typhoons, extreme runoff, flash floods, fluvial and urban flooding, storm surges and landslides to achieve the following:

a) strengthen EU coordinated actions;

b) promote innovative tools/methods/solutions.

1st Workshop session, as a part of Tabletop demonstration task, will be organized by Universite Nice Sophia (UNS) in 3 selected areas that are frequently exposed to extreme events that may affect each time more than 30 million people. These are as follows:

Shanghai – in collaborationwith the Research Center on Flood and Drought Disaster Reduction of China Institute of Water resources and Hydropower (IHWR), Ministry of Water Resources and People’s Republic of China. The problem area around the Biyun and industrial zone of Golden Bridge Development District or Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in Pudong, is about:

        §   Protection of European citizens and assets;

        §   Flood disasters (typhoon, heavy rainfall, storm surges, fluvial flooding).


Tainan-Southern Taiwan Science Park – in collaboration with the Maanshan Nuclear Power Plant, Taiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institute (TTFRI) - National Applied Research Laboratories (NARlabs), People’s Republic of China. The issue refers to such activities as:

            §  typhoon resilience against extreme torrential rainfall, levee breach, water supply, floods in the neighbourhood area;

            §  measures to prevent and mitigate the loss of life;

            §  monitoring of real life situation during the flood.


Dhaka (Bangladesh) – in collaboration with the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) of Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (MoDMR) and Monowar Hossain Institute of Water Modelling (IWM)and People's Republic of Bangladesh. The focus is on:

           §  rapid set up of logistics,

           §  delivering medical and civil protection means;

        §  an appropriate regional, national and international coordination against internal flooding (and water logging) due to extreme rainfall event and congestion of drainage systems; gravity drainage impeded due to high water level in the peripheral rivers; and intrusion of floodwater from the peripheral rivers to the city.

Workshops’ placement – on-site assessment of damage and need issues, supported by usage of airborne, space-based, ground and social media tools.