Reaching Out - Demonstrations Kick Off Meetings (Dec 2016, Rome, Italy)

by Tomasz Grzegory / 17 Dec 2016
Reaching Out - Demonstrations Kick Off Meetings (Dec 2016, Rome, Italy)

On 13-15 December 2016 the first kick-off meetings of Reaching out Project (demonstRation of EU effective lArge sCale tHreat and crIsis maNaGement OUTside the EU) Work Packages 6 & 10 were held. On 13-14 December 2016 the WP6 Ebola Crisis Demonstration Kick Off Meeting was held by the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) on the premises of Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) and Gemelli HospitalBesides the organizers and Astri Polska company, also such units as EU SATCEN, Airbus Defence&Space, UNS, Finmeccanica, VTT, RINI, UNINA, PHE, RCSRU were present.

WP6 is focused on joint demonstration, during an Ebola outbreak in Africa (Conakry, Guinea), how the Reaching Out Collaborative portal, the technical and human&social deployable tools and more synergies between MS civil and military actors and NGOs, can, together with existing capacities, augment EU support in the health crisis management from air deployment preparation to the starting and restoration phase. The demonstration must be based on the prior selected scenario, thus the discussion was opened up by providing its first assumptions.

Furthermore, the following key topics were discussed among consortium partners:

  • Types of tools and use cases in general;
  • Tools for planning of on-site deployment - geolocation, situational awareness;
  • Tools for on-site transportation, logistics, supply chain;
  • Tools for epidemiology, fast data transmission, decision support;
  • Tools for diagnostics, inactivation and decontamination;
  • Medical, Health organization tools, telecare;
  • Tools for on-site deployment, shelter;
  • Tools for site restoration and decontamination.

The first day was ended with demonstrating lessons, learnt from past projects as well as definition of tools for post-crisis management, evacuation and repatriation. 

The second day of the WP6 meeting was started with the definition of anthropological and communication tools as well as expression of social issues. Afterwards, the training issues referred to tools and collaborative platform training kit were tackeled. The consortium also took into account the integration and interoperability – what is expected from partners to make the tools compatible and available for integration. 

The penultimate presentation was designed for Astri Polska. The planning and most crucial issues about evaluation of the table top and field demonstrations were presented to partners. 
The meeting was finished by open discussion about practicalities, doubts and overall Reaching Out project ontology. 

15 December 2016 was designed for Astri Polska, as it is a leader of WP 10 Evaluation and impacts. Apart from the leader and EUREKA,  the official host, other participants, i.e. Airbus Defence&Space, UCSC, EU SATCEN and SDIS2B, took part in the kick-off meeting. 

The initial meeting was dedicated to the organization of work in WP 10: division of tasks and responsibilities between partners, and started from the short introduction and description of each entity. 
Within the agenda the key issue was to indicate and describe goals and action plan in all tasks with emphasis on assigned leaders.

Additionally, the following topics were taken into account to determine:

  • Project results measurement and validation;
  • Project impacts and uptake measurement (including cost benefits);
  • The quality assessment including solutions/tools certification.

The kick-off ended with the summary consisting of the review of upcoming tasks and responsibilities, especially in the nearest future. Moreover, Astri Polska presented the risks and challenges that may appear during the operation.